I’ve actually finished a book, now its  not a huge book but a book none the less. I have started more than one book this month but nothing grabbed me, because of the time I have to read a the moment I need something I can pick up and read a chapter very quickly, there is no time for long lingering descriptive passages because by the time the author has finished describing something I will have had to stop reading and the story won’t have moved forward at all so I lose interest very quickly so this book was perfect, very fast moving and great light relief.

Its by one of my favourite Author Janet Evanovich, Stash introduced me to her many years ago and have absolutely loved her Stephanie Plum series and have read all but the latest but this is one from her new Lizzy and Diesel series.

I have in the past struggled with some of her novels that weren’t part of the Plum series, I really didn’t like the books she wrote with Charlotte Hughes and her early romance novels are best not talked about but this book has her returning to her best with characters that you love and even moments where you find yourself laughing out loud. Although I haven’t found anyone to rival my love of the Lula character from the Plum books yet, she is my heroine, this was a great book to keep me going until the next Plum one is published.

The image is directly linked to Amazon just because it is an easier way for me to get an image.


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January 29, 2013 · 9:36 am

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