Snow and Ice

Another week passes in the Walker household, its been an interesting weekend for a couple of reasons, firstly Thursday afternoon I managed to ping my back out again, those who have known me for a while know that this is almost an annual event, thankfully this time its not been to bad, no getting stuck in bed this time thankfully but a bit painful none the less. The second thing that I am sure most people in the UK has noticed is that it has snowed, thankfully we were reasonably well prepared as the locally the services don’t cope very well with even the smallest amount of snow and we usually get iced in being a very off road so no sign of  grit here.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is to be honest not it at its deepest, another couple of inches fell on top of this Saturday afternoon. Our new bread machine has been put to good use, a lovely wedding present from Mary, and we are making about a loaf a day, we haven’t quite perfected it yet and still get the odd sunk top but has been worth its weight in gold this weekend.

Petes school managed to open on Monday, only one of three apparently that managed to open in the Havering Borough and Andy managed to slide his way around the corner and also managed to pick up some provisions, I haven’t been out yet as a bit terrified that if I fall at the moment I wouldn’t be able to get myself up again so staying inside.

Now you would think that would mean I have had plenty of crochet time but to be honest I haven’t done much, I have reached that stage of bad backness that is the uncomfortable stage with numb fingers but I have managed to do a little and the Babette blanket is coming on.



The next debate I have is how to sew it together, on my last one I just over sewed the squares together and I know I don’t want a ridge so don’t think I will be crocheting them together but might try the invisible sewing  join which I haven’t used before.




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2 responses to “Snow and Ice

  1. Hi. How is your back doing? I sympathize as I suffered for years with products-lapsing disc’s…then last year it got alot worse and I had to have surgery…to partially remove it and have graft/fusion. It’s a long recovery and the other disc’s are threatening to go too but I’m doing well. Hope yours gets better.

  2. PRO-lapsing…..predictive text!

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