Christmas and crochet

So this week my crochet has slowed a bit although I have really enjoyed keeping up with everyone else’s crochet with the CAL13 group. I have added a few more rows onto the ripple and found my old ripple and this photo is the new ripple in 4ply on top of the old ripple in Aran/dk weight.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have worked a few squares for my babbete and have been pinning them out just to see how it is working



Its a lot brighter than the ripple and I am using a limited number of balls so can work on it at night, I am going to try for a full size one this time as I am really enjoying how much lighter the blanket is going to be working in 4ply.

I have also finally finished my brothers mitts but the photos I took today really didn’t do them any justice so hoping when the recipient gets his parcel we might get an action shot, I have already cast on my next project I love the Glasgow School Mitts pattern so much I am using it again but I am going to add fingers for the long promised pair of gloves for Andy.



The wool is Andys choice I think we brought it around about six years ago at the Olympia Knitting and Stitching show from Get knitted who I have just noticed have some very pretty crochet hooks on the front page.

I had a lovely time at our local libraries craft group yesterday morning and it was a bit like christmas all over again as I haven’t managed to catch up with a few people due to illness last month, I was spoiled with some lovely gifts but these just made me smile



I think someone knows me too well 🙂


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  1. ruth

    Who would buy them?! 🙂

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