Beginnings and endings

Just a quick post today as I have to go and start lunches soup in a minute. A bit of crochet and knitting has been going on this weekend, I continued with my ripple.


I have been having problems though, this is in fact about five rows shorter than it was on Sunday as I had to pull back several rows due to me attempting to colour match at night, never a good move and as I am working using all my ends I really can’t plan ahead so this has caused me to start a second project (I obviously really needed another project!) , the crazy patchwork blanket a version of a babette but less perscriptive.


And much to the relief of my brother I have also been getting on with finishing my Glasgow School Mitts, I just have one thumb to do and his Christmas present will be in the post to him.


Right I’m off to start the soup to try and keep warm while we wait for the boiler repair man to call.



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4 responses to “Beginnings and endings

  1. Wow, you have been busy!! I am tempted by those mitts-I keep looking and almost casting on.

  2. The ripple blanket has such wonderful colours which all blend together so beautifully.He should be really pleased with all the thought and work that has gone into it


  3. Love the Mitts. They are such an elegant design. Great colourway too.

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