I’ve been having a bit of fun this week with friends on twitter, we have sort of started up a very relaxed CAL all based loosely on crochet blankets, its very relaxed no rules, no deadlines just a bit of support for everyone and a bit of a giggle, I must admit I have already added a number of patterns to my queue on ravelry thanks to the other participants and have got several things that I would like to experiment with in the future.

For this Cal though I have decided to make another ripple for Pete as the one I made whilst I was pregnant it quite heavy and I am finding he is pulling at it a bit much so instead of aran/dk this time I am using all my ends of 4ply.

ImageIts so much lighter, its also Pete size so slightly smaller than a single. The pattern is one of mine but as ever greatly inspired by Jan Eatons Ripple book , as with my other ripple I don’t have a colour plan and just enjoying playing with colour combinations as I go.

Mine is a single row pattern, based on a 14 stitch repeat +1 each row is

ch 2 1tr tr2tog 2tr, 2tr in next chain, 3tr in next chain, 2tr in next chain, 2tr, tr2tog,* tr3tog, tr2tog, 2tr, 2tr in next chain, 3tr in next chain, 2tr in next chain, 2tr, tr2tog, repeat from * to the last two stitches and tr2tog

On this pattern I did a chain free foundation of double crochet but have found that it is curling slightly where as I normally just go straight into pattern from the chain and then decide if I want to go back and put an edging on it.



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  1. Hi Nic, can I have your email. I have some alpaca from my friends herd in france spun to 4 ply and so beautiful Selling off cheaply. want to send you photos to see if someone would want it. Will message you on FB too. LOve , LIsa

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