Todays post is not what I had planned, I was hoping to write up a lovely day that was spent remembering a friend but unfortunately something happened to put me in such an awful mood that I wouldn’t want it to taint that memory so I will save that for another day when I can do it the justice it deserves.

You may want to click away now as I am going to have a bit of a whinge and rant.

When I had Pete I imagined many problems that we would encounter whilst he was growing up, biting, bed wetting, fighting, tantrums all those good things about growing up, I never imagined I would struggle so much with his education, for the last 12 months we seem to have been lurching from one issue to another, and yet again today I find myself in tears of pure frustration. I think what makes it worse is having worked with children I know how well it can be done and yes that may make me a bit more picky than many, the one thing I do know is how important these early years are. From what I have witnessed over the years is that if the kid struggles in the early years this carries on through out the rest of their schooling.

A lot of the frustrations I have are to do with communication, whether that be lack of or the inability to hold a two way conversation. This is not actually an issue with a specific teacher it is a problem I have with the school as a whole at the moment. Maybe I am expecting too much, but if I am not the one as his parent to do it am I not then doing my job as a parent correctly.

And this little merry go round goes on, I just don’t know what to do, we’ve considered changing schools, last time I check there were no places elsewhere, continue as we are or the last resort for me home schooling. I should clarify that I have no issue with anyone home schooling I am just not sure that I am a person who could do it justice. so we are back to the beginning again  aaarrrggghhhhh




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