Re Use

I know, I was missing yesterday, I did actually blog just nit in this site but to do with another project, more about in a later posting I think.  

That project has also taken up the last couple of days so no blanket news I am afraid but I did actually manage to do something that I have been trying to do for the last couple of weeks, some of you may remember this hat that I knit Pete from a magic carpet that yarn yard had dyed and given to me when she had come to visit Jane.



Well there was enough left to make a pair of mittens for the little boy which I have just finished, unfortunately I have taken so long to complete them the hat is now to small so today finally I bit the bullet and I did this.



These have now been wound into hanks are as we speak soaking ready to be hung with a weight so all the kinks fall out.

I am thinking of adding in another yarn and using the long stretches of colour in the Yarn Yard wool to work a fair isle beanie for him but we will see, it needs to be long enough to go over his ears so maybe something with earflaps.


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