Day 7 – No Blanket

Well there is still a blanket but as I have only managed a couple of rows today really not worth photographing it, instead I have a picture of some double filet at the East London Crochet Groups last workshop.


I think in this picture there is a combination of Barbara Mann,s, Mary B and Carols work, this paticular workshop was based of shawls and stoles so we had a large number of samples, not all double filet and even some knitted ones.


In this shot you have the beautiful shawl that Mary gave to me at my hen night, it in on ravelry and across the middle of the table is my Pax by Aoibhe Ni, if you are a keen crocheter and haven’t seen her work before I recommend checking out her patterns, they are beautiful and really easy to follow with lots of support from the designer themselves.

Hopefully more blanket pics tomorrow



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2 responses to “Day 7 – No Blanket

  1. andallthatstash

    The work of the East London group always leaves me spellbound, really wish I was closer as I now have some spare time spent hanging around boring places!

  2. You can always do the distant learning course 🙂

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