Blanket day 5

So a slightly better photograph today, you can see I have almost finished the first side bar and hope to at least make a start on the other side before the end of the night.



I am already planning in my head the next two sections, maybe twisted vines and butterflies, maybe an appropriate quote, I keep changing my mind, I might even continue the trellis around both sides.

We’re all a bit under the weather here with head colds but the little boy was well enough to return to school today thankfully so we had a few hours of peace but it sounds like bonfire night is already in full swing out there, Nor has taken to hiding under the oven and Pip has decided the set top box is a good place to keep warm and only really jumps when the screamers go up and we don’t expect it to stop much before 1am so may get a bit of crochet done yet.

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  1. What a beautiful blanket. Hope you are all feeling better soon.

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