Blanket progress

Just a quick catch up on the blanket, this was the final progress from 1st November



Not a bad start, what you can’t really see is that the centre diamond is a lovely textured yarn, I think from Knit on Purl one which I have left from a purchase on Loops opening day which shows how long its been in the stash.

Yesterdays designs looked like this



You can see the intended extension of the pattern on the bottom right hand page and you can see how much trouble I was having with the leaves on the top left hand page where I was working out the colour change behind the long diagonals chain by chain, in fact I think it is probably going to be the most difficult bit on the whole blanket but it does cross off one of my my requirements for the certificate.

Here is the finish at the end of the 2nd of November



And because I always get asked here is the reverse



I’m still not over happy with the leaves but I get a chance to practice them all again as todays plan is to work the same pattern on the other side of the centre flower.



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2 responses to “Blanket progress

  1. What a beautiful blanket it is going to be.

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