Nanowrimo but not

Its normally at this time of year I attempt the NaNoWriMo challenge, anyone who is unfamiliar with it, it is where you challenge yourself to write a 50’000 word novel in a month, I have yet to actually manage to beat the challenge but one day I will. Unfortunately it won’t be this year as I really don’t have the time this month. One of the things that is taking up my time is finishing up my level four certificate in double filet.

So I have decided to challenge myself in a different way, I am going to use the month to make one final piece for my level 4, the plan is its going to be a lap blanket, working from the centre out using my own patterns, well actually a combination of patterns that I have designed and some new ones.

So today I started out by sorting  out a colour palette



I am going to use the parchment colour in the top right hand corner for the base colour and greys as the main contrast with the lilac and greens/yellows as highlight colours.

I also found the first design I am going to use for the centre square



Hopefully tomorrow I can show you my progress.



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6 responses to “Nanowrimo but not

  1. Hilary

    Love the design you’ve picked.
    Maybe I should follow your example and do some work on my level 3 pieces.

  2. How wonderful. I bet it will be great.

  3. This year is my second year of NaNoWriMo, last year I even published my book (in Dutch)
    Love Karin (Cloudsofdust)

  4. alterknitive

    Every year I want to do NaNoWriMo, but every year I find myself distracted by life, and November comes and goes 😦 Maybe one year I’ll do it.

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