Olympic Flame

Today was the day that my little boy has been counting down too for what seems like forever, we had unexpected company to witness the flames passing when Mary who had been down for the Hen Night popped back in to join us.

Although the flame wasn’t due in havering until 1.15pm we set out at half twelve as I was sure after watching the live feed in the morning going round Barking that it was going to be busy. We decided not to go the shortest route to London Road as there is a pub on the corner and we decided that was likely to be packed and we were more likely to be able to see if we went through the field at the other end of the road.



How amazing does it look, the sun actually came out for us.

We had chosen well, there was still space by the road and a little wall to perch on, unfortunately it did mean a little bit of waiting around for the little boy which as with most four year olds was a bit of a challenge.



His patience was rewarded though, we had a good view of all the action and I am so pleases we perservered, unfortunately no pictures from me of the actual flame as we unfortunately had a very rude man stood next to us, or should I say started off being stood next to us who then proceeded to move off of the pavement and stood on the road in everyones way and then even worse moved to stand in front of us so I put my camera away and took Pete in hand and pushed our way past him to make sure Pete could see, now I wouldn’t have minded if he had stood in front of me so much, I have enough height to see over most people but to stand directly in front of a four year old I thought was unbelievable, everyone else there were really embracing the public spirit of the thing with the youngsters at the the front, all I can say he was lucky that I didn’t have a pair of knitting needles to hand but it did mean I didn’t get the photo I wanted of Pete and the flame together but at least he can say he saw it.

This was what the crowd looked like about 20 mins before hand



The weather was amazing but my skin has suffered, because of the weather I haven’t been having to put sun screen on so I am a little pink now but I am not complaining fingers crossed the weather continues.



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2 responses to “Olympic Flame

  1. Such a special moment, I know your little boy will remember seeing the olympic flame pass by him forever.
    And boo for rude adults, there seems to be always that one that can ruin a celebration like this.

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