Lovely things

What a wonderful Saturday, ok so the weather may not have been that great, but the day itself was wonderful, I got a chance to hang out knitting with two good friends and raise money for a great cause.

We were at St Christopher’s Family fun-day, teaching a bit of knitting and crochet plus selling some wonderful knit/crochet items as well as finding new homes for a donation for a few items from our respective stashes. We managed to stay dry till the last hour or so, but we had been given  a lovely Gazebo to shelter under so our fearless finger knitters carried on regardless. This plus we also got to dine on Sue’s wonderful lemon drizzle cake (in fact a small piece may have been liberated to take home ).

I also got a lovely late birthday present from Yvonne, a beautiful project bag made from one of her butterfly fat Quarters, I think she said she had Jan make it up for her, its wonderful it even has two little pockets inside. I may have also rehomed a beautiful skein of Knitwitches Kid Mohair 🙂


I made one small purchase for the day, it was a bit fatal being next to this stall, I promise I only had one quick taste, and I fell in love.


Its wonderful raspberry with vodka, it has the most wonderful taste and I brought this little bottle to take with me to the Isle of Wight and I can see me on Friday night sat in the garden under an apple tree have a small glass.

I have also been trying to knit as distraction, I found this beautiful yarn that I had started knitting a beaded shawl with but the beads just weren’t right so I frogged it and cast on the spatterdash mittens from Knitty.


Unfortunately for me its a perfect example when a yarn just doesn’t work with the pattern, I had thought there was enough movement in the colour of the yarn for it to work really well with the ripple but unfortunately it really doesn’t so back to the frog pond it goes.



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2 responses to “Lovely things

  1. andallthatstash

    It was a fun day! The butterfly fabric is from my small stash of Japanese fabric, the purple fabric was dyed by the YarnYard!!

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