Checking In

I haven’t disappeared honest, its been a while, I have no excuse to offer except the normal rounds of bugs and being busy. At the moment bug of choice is Chicken Pox, Pete’s spot broke out on Tuesday last week and he has been very good and has hardly scratched which is amazing considering how badly his face was covered, he is now of course very fed p with being indoors and us being the only entertainment and keeps asking for someone to play with him, its very heart breaking. Hopefully in a couple of days the blisters will have crusted over enough for him to go out.

We have done a number of crafty things whilst he has been off but thats for a later post.

I have been up to a few crafty things myself, I’ve made aImage small blanket I made from one of my wins from the Skipnorth P/hop. It was donated by Lixie and I think that it came from Turkey and there were two balls and was half made on the journey back from Skipnorth.


I have also started working on a new side to my jewellery, I have again begun to dye my own yarn, in this case a beautiful Super wash blue face leicester 4ply. I am dyeing one off hanks, as this was always my favourite thing to do, I never enjoyed making large batches of the same colour way, and then I make a unique shawl pin to match. The hank is 110g so is more than enough to knit a small shawl and I see them as great little gift sets. Eventually these will find their way into my shop along with a number of new bits of jewellery I have been working on.


And just for his fans a picture of Pip making himself comfortable.Image



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2 responses to “Checking In

  1. Aww I love Pip 🙂 What a gorgeous blanket and I hope the jewellery is going well.

  2. Thank you, slowly but surely, its finding the time to do everything at the moment and trying to focus clearly on what I want to produce I’m finding hardest.

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