I survived

It has been one long week, I always knew it was going to be a bit crazy but hadn’t realised quite how insane it would get.

I had known it was going to be our Christmas Fete for a while what I hadn’t expected and didn’t know till Tuesday was that it was going to take place the same day as an Ofstead inspection, this gave us a few practical problems but mostly it meant we struggled with Staff help, on top of this we had a PTA meeting and I have been working towards my level 3 Certificate of Proficiency in Double Filet Crochet and needed to produce a final piece and a jewellery commission to finish.

The Christmas Fete seem to go well although I some what regret the cupcake competition mostly due to the fact I had to taste 22 cupcakes and after the first couple the novelty wore off. The numbers coming in were crazy and we ran out of stock and prizes on several stalls, final figure not in yet but I’m hoping it was worth everyones hard work. saying that all the kids were very excited to see Father Christmas.

So I managed to get home just after 7pm on Friday and after a quick dinner the race was on the complete my  exam piece, I stitched the last stitch at just after 1am, I have to confess that I then did get up at 6am to sew in the ends 🙂

And here it is, it is a cushion front, they need to see the back to assess it so it doesn’t have to be made up.

It was done on a 5mm hook using DK weight yarn using one of my own patterns.

Although design wise I think I would change a couple of things technically it covers all the aspects that are required by level three which for those who are interested the basics requirements for this level are colour change behind straight contrast lines, long diagonals (with no colour change) and has to be at least one of the pieces has to be this size (I managed to get all the requirements in one piece ).

It still needs a bit of a block, unusual in double filet but has happened due to working the central square from the bottom up and then adding the border in the round.

I’m now really looking forward to this afternoon for our monthly meet up in Romford for some nice relaxing knitting and crochet 🙂



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3 responses to “I survived

  1. Your cushion cover looks great. I would have been bored of cupcakes after about 3. Did you just have a little bite of each?

  2. Beautiful design and finish, Nic. I haven’t have a chance to play more on double filet but am looking forward to some more focus in the new year. I would love to expand more of my crocheting skills to keep my interests in fiber craft. Thanks for stopping by today and I am so glad to have found your inspiring projects 😀 Happy 2012.

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