Christmas fast approaching

It has been a long fortnight and there doesn’t look as though there is going to be any let up for the next seven days, after a week of none stop trying to get stock ready for the pamper night it was all a bit of a let down. Don’t get me wrong it was a lovely night and next time I think I shall gather a few of us as it would be fun to just come and join in, but unfortunately no one was buying.

I shared a stall with my friend Jackie and we sold a few pairs of earrings and a bracelet but to be honest it didn’t cover our costs but we did better I think than the other traders, I know the poor trader next to me didn’t sell a thing. Never mind my online store still seems to be the way to go now if I can only work out how to get a button to it in my side bar!

In the midst of all of this chaos the band that Andy has recently joined had their first gig in aid of McMillan Nurses and as it was a first (plus no baby sitter) I took Pete along to see his daddy sing. Here he is supervising the Pranxta setting up


Pete had a great night, he spent the first hour running around the dance floor to the music, and when the band came on he curled up on my lap as it was a little loud and my hands make great ear protectors, I did say that we could leave if it was too loud for him, we had positioned ourselves out of direct line of the speakers, but was quite happy with my hands, so happy in fact he fell asleep after about the third number, it made for an interesting journey on the bus in t he way home.

There will be couple more items going in shortly but I have a commission to finish and I have found myself in the middle of Christmas Fete organising which as ever is turning out to be a bit stressful but I have got to the point now that it is what it is, as long as we have a santa and don’t make a loss I’ll be happy 🙂


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November 27, 2011 · 8:00 pm

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