Great Friends

I am continually amazed at how wonderful the craft community is, I have had a fairly crappy week, those of you who read on a regular basis know that I really don’t make a great patient and last week after three weeks of having a bad cold my chest got so bad I actually went to the doctors who in her normal quick consultancy style I barely manage to sit down and she had listened to my chest pescribed some antibiotics and gave me instructions to rest. So I was good and managed to stay in for 24hrs but had things to do.

So considering this I was really looking forward to meeting with friends on Sunday for what used to be a knitting and crochet group but now encompasses many crafts, and it was wonderful in fact I was overwhelmed by how wonderful they were, Lucy had brought me Pete and Andy some lady bird cakes to cheer us up.

Barbara had brought a blue carrot for me as she thought it might make an interesting Dyeing experiment.

And  all of them have been helping me with starting up my Jewellery online shop, Lucy has been my model, Jane brought a lot of her wonderful shawls to try my new shawl pin design on, I must admit it did make me want to cast on a shawl they were all so gorgeous.

Lixie has been checking out my online shop for spelling and grammer, and she is far better at selling things so jiggled a few things around. Finally Ruth who makes amazing Jewellery offered advice on pricing and the local market.

I just wanted to say to them that they don’t realise how much it means to me too have their and all my woolly friend support and without getting too soppy I would not have been in such a good place as I am now with out you all.




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  1. It’s lovely to have great friends like that. Hope you are better now.

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