Crafty Week

Okay so Petes first full time week at school didn’t quite go to plan, he had a wonderful full day on Monday, no problems, loved it and then came home and was very sick, poor  thing, he hadn’t even managed to eat his tea. We had a bit of a rough night but by morning he was almost back to his normal self but we then have to wait 48hrs for him to return to school, he wasn’t happy. We had a brief break from home on Wednesday afternoon and evening with a trip to A+E for the OH and after a very late night the boy was up and ready for school again on Thursday. He has coped really well with all the disruption, he is still suffering a lot with seperation anxiety at night, we have got it down to him popping in three or four times in the evening for a quick cuddle and me putting him back to bed, so we are getting there, I will have a full nights sleep eventually 🙂

On to more exciting things, I have had a wonderful crafty week, firstly I was inspired to find my tatting shuttles by The Yarn Yards wonderful  new silk threads,

The picture doesn’t really do them justice, especially what looks like a bright red blob at the front is the most amazing deep pink, there will be pictures of tatting in later posts promise 🙂

Then on Saturday we had on of the East London Crochet groups Double filet workshops which I help at, there is always the most amazing array of work and of course I forgot to take any pictures so I’m afraid I am substituting a picture from our weekend away in August just so you have some idea of the amount of work and skill that was on display.I never get much work done on the day as I am supposed  to be teaching but I was thrilled as I was presented my Level 2 Certificate of Proficiency, and for probably all of a week there is only 4 of us in the world that have it as it is a new project we have been working on to write a syllabus and work out the different levels and how best to test them. If any one want more info on it just drop me a line or leave a comment and I will point you in the right direction.

So if that wasn’t enough I had a slightly rash moment and have taken a table at our local Pamper evening to sell some of my jewellery, so not buying a lot of Jewellery recently I took a few pieces to our lovely knitting group on Sunday for some advice on pricing as although I knew what I would have to price them at I wasn’t sure people would be willing to pay those prices. They were fantastic, and it has made things a bit clearer for me. You may have noticed that Lixie liked some of my samples so much they went home with her, Rings are my latest edition to my collection

This is one of my favourites at the moment and am going to find it hard to give up.

I have to keep reminding myself that I can’t just sell rings as I am really enjoying making these at the moment, now I am going to try and make a pendant to match.



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2 responses to “Crafty Week

  1. Lixie

    Pendant!? Me me me!!!

  2. What a great blog! You will get a full nights sleep eventually, but those sleepless nights return when they become teenagers and again when you have to look after their babes! Life is a rollercoaster from now on and will never be the same thank goodness!

    I absolutly love the rings where did you learn that skill they are beautiful



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