Disco Mouse retires

Its been a bit of a momentous week here, Pete returned to school but this time to Reception, I guess this is considered  proper school by most as Nursery isn’t obligatory. Well from Tuesday he started a week of half days, it was a bit of a shock to the system as he had been attending nursery in the afternoon so there was no great rush in the morning, now it has become very apparent that Pete is a very slow eater, I have to allow a good hour for a bowl of cornflakes!

He has loved being back with his friends and we had no tears or upset and is enjoying staying for his lunch to, and is actually eating more than I thought he would, he has become very unsettled at night though, with bad dreams and quite extreme separation anxiety which of course means interesting sleep patterns for us all, we will just have  to wait and see what happens tomorrow when he starts full days.

It is amazing to me how quick he is growing and his brain power is expanding, we have reached that wonderful age when everything is followed by Why? and we now don’t just walk down a road, we now have to look at all the house numbers. This can be very tiring after 12 hours so I am hoping school will fulfil a lot of his desire for knowledge as I have no idea how to explain why 1 o’clock is one o’clock to a 4year old, mind you I’m not sure I completely understand it myself.

Back to the title of this post, I shed a few tears over this one, we have been trying to get him to sort out some of his toys that he no longer plays with to give to those that have less than him, and its been quite difficult as you can imagine but the other day he brought me Disco Mouse

Brought for us by Sue when Pete was born, and said that we could give this to someone who was a baby as he wasn’t anymore and he was a  big boy 😦


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  1. Was just reading through your bus hunt blog and realised we did that one in Spring, how funny as I can just see the tip of my head in one of the pictures. You’ll definitely be able to sell your jewellery in the big bad marketplace so good luck making it.

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