Bus Hunt

This is what Pete loves to do, he has an ongoing love of buses, trains and cars and one of the things he loves to do is go riding on the buses, it is usually a type of bus hence the bendy bus hunt adventure last month, this week it was the number 66 bus. Now this wasn’t as complicated as the bendy bus as the 66 runs from Romford Station, so with our bus pass and provisions we headed out. We stopped briefly at the library for the relative bus map as it isn’t usually the case of taking the same number bus for the return journey.

Thanks to Allthatstash we had worked out the 66 terminated in Leytonstone and I had done a little bit of a google about that are and had found an art fair taking place in Wanstead which happens to be on the route of the 66, now this was the original description that I found here now actually I found this a little misleading as there were definately no sales of supplies especially not knitting but even so the sale was lovely and this is a better description. Its a very small fair but quite diverse considering.

I had an ulterior motive for the visit as I am thinking of possibly of selling some of my jewellery at local fetes and fairs and I wanted to see what other jewellery was out there and how it was being displayed and obviously the price range. It was all quite positive as I feel the quality of my jewellery is of a standard that I could sell and there wasn’t anyone there who was selling the type of stuff I am producing, that of course could be because it doesn’t sell but I am trying to be positive.

There is also an art trail in Wanstead for the next week with art work in 76 venues which are all along the high street and there is also the Wanstead Festival there today so if you are in the area it will be a good day out.

So on Pete’s insistence we got back on the 66 as he wanted to go to Leytonstone, don’t ask me why or where he got this idea from, its not something we have ever talked about and I have never been there before or considered visiting and as he is not reading yet, he is only just 4 but look what we found.

Now I have over the last couple of years visited a couple of these kind of places but The Engine Shed is one of the first times that I have actually enjoyed it as the owners usually make me so paranoid as they are watching our every breathe, I find it hard enough to be in this very male world without someone thinking that I am going to let my son destroy their shop. This one was completely different, he obviously looked up as we cam in and nodded but was quite happy for Pete to wander around looking at different engines and models, Pete is very good and we had had the talk about looking but not touching before we went in, we spent a good 20mins looking at everything in great detail and the guy didn’t jump once and even the other guy in the store was lovely and just smiled at Pete, I am guessing recognising a younger version of themselves. We will be going back as I feel there maybe many train models in our lives and they made this such a wonderful experience it really made the little boys day.



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3 responses to “Bus Hunt

  1. Yvonne

    Sounds like a great day out! We’re off to Chesterfield soon so that M can go to the Tornado (Steam Train) AGM and will spend the afternoon clambering around the Roundhouse looking at old trains – can’t help thing LB would enjoy the day!

    Good luck with the jewellry sales – what I’ve seen looks stunning!

  2. I’m jealous: I’ve never been on the bendy-bus! That is good to hear about the model railway shop staff. They do need to encourage young budding enthusiasts. Grown up modelling can be very creative. It get’s one away from the computer/video games (or so I’ve been told!). Pleased to hear that it was a good day out for you too.

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