A late make

I was going to post something about this on Monday but am still having an ongoing wifi issues and have finally have had to concede and have tracked down a cheap 10m ethernet cable so hopefully, fingers crossed my access will not be so irregular.

I have also been working on photographing some of my latest makes as the picture quality up till now has been a little off, so with a little bit of sticky back black felt and some cardboard this is what I got.

Still not perfect but getting there, this is a 7.5 inch silver plate bracelet with Shell discs, there are matching earrings bbut havent quite go the pics of those sorted.

Then the bigger challenge

This is an 8inch bracelet with Silver plate rings and Fluorite chips which was the tricky bit as the stones have such a subtle colour to them from a sea glass green to a deep plum.

These I did manage to photo the matching earrings

So at least you can see the detail a bit better.

There has been other things going on, I am still working on the crochet from the weekend and have completed four sections of the Tunisian Cushion front.




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3 responses to “A late make

  1. They look really good, well done, you put the rest of us to shame

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