A weekend of making

I have just come back from one of my highlights of the year, the Easy london group invitational crochet weekend at the all saints centre in London Colney. The setting is amazing (more pics of that in a later post) and the company is fantastic and I get to learn so much from such knowledgeable people.

So this weekend I have gone the next step in Tunisian thanks to Margerat O’Mara who I do have to say is a magnificant teacher and if anybody has ever struggled with learning crochet hunt her out, not only is she an amazing teacher she is a fountain of knowledge. This a is one section of eight which eventually becomes a round cushion.I will try and get a better pic in daylight hopefully after its grown another section.

I also had a go at Bavarian Crochet with a workshop led by Carol, I had seen roo knits working on her wool eater blanket a couple of years ago so was eargerly looking forward to this and it didn’t disappoint, and although I didn’y get very far due to my inability to remember to take tablets on time, I have got the hang of it and am looking forward to many a blanket in my future.

More makes tomorrow as I am absolutely exhausted, I am looking forward to reading all about everyone elses monday makes on Yarn yards blog.

Oh one more pic the sky was amazing here tonight it looked as if the sky was on fire, Andy took this pic for me to share


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