Monday make

Mine is a little bit of a cheat as I have been told to stop crocheting and knitting for a couple of weeks to rest my shoulder and I’m trying to be a good patient, I have though finished making my handout for the upcoming London Colney Crochet weekend.

Its all based around crochet Mobius’ and for me the most awkward was a double filet version and trying to get that over in pictures let alone words, double filet is quote hard to explain as it is. This is my growing latest one and if anyone is interested I will try and attach the PDF when I get back after the weekend.

In other news we had a great time at Pete’s party yesterday, he turned four, I can’t believe it has gone to fast, he had friends and family at Kidspace and he decided he wanted to dress as a pirate with a policeman’s helmet for the party and who am I to stop him, it was definitely an individual look. It was a lovely but tiring day and he was very blessed with presents including a scalextric set which cause a great deal of laughter amongst the boys last night all huddled over the track, I felt very alone as the only female in the house at that point! Bring on the pink is what I say.

I guess I should at least mention the awful things that happened in  the UK last week, I have to admit it did shake me which I was suprised at, having lived through the IRA campaigns when I was younger and actually been close enough to here one of them I thought I would be a little more relaxed by it but seriousley all I wanted to do was lock the front dooor and stay inside which is what I did with Pete last Tuesday, unfortunately Andy had to go out which did nothing for my nerves especially when all the local buisnesses were yet again told to close early.

There was a little trouble in Romford, nothing like Croydon or Tottenham but the police did close the train station very early so people would have found it difficult to get here but a large number of people did attempt to break into Debenhams but were foiled by the security grills and I think must of given in and gone home, you can see it all here on this you tube video. The one thing I did notice during the whole thing that the news wasn’t covering the extent of the trouble, I understand that they have limited journalists and camera crews but places like Barking which had some serious trouble weren’t even mentioned, and I have not great conspiracy theory as to why that was but I know that it was making a lot of people very unhappy and was being used as yet another excuse for the violence.


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  1. Wow – I can’t believe Pete is four! That happened quickly.

    Your mobeius is beautiful and I’m glad you weren’t harmed in the trouble that was going on.

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