No School

So I had another go at photographing some of the accessories I’ve been making, it didnt go well, I got a half decent photo of a bag charm I did.with a close up detail

Still not great, but it also brought up a second question how current are hand bag charms or is that very old fashioned of me, sometimes I feel a little out of  touch.

We are two days into the school holidays and already I am looking forward to September, not that I don’t love spending time with Pete he is a little full on at the moment and he misses his friends at school. Today we’ve done necklace making

We’ve also done a trip to the library, unfortunately our local one isn’t very inspiring.

We then made our way to Romford Market Hall for a craft fair, now these are new and I had considered taking a table but thought I should check it out first, and although there doesn’t seem  to be a great market for hand crafted items normally in Romford the market hall has some interesting stands in it so if a fair was going to work then it would be the place. It turned out to be an interesting mix, there were obviously a few traders who do it other local events on a regular basis, a couple of tables of who were trying it for the first time, one that was obviously all imported. Unfortunately once again the biggest problem were people who weren’t pricing properly, there were a couple of stalls with knitted and crocheted items on them, obviously mostly acrylic (which isn’t my issue) that there was no way they had included in the price the amount of time it had taken them to produce the item, which I guess for someone who wants to make a little pocket money is fine but if you actually want to make a living out of there is no way you can compete with them. Saying that I don’t think I would take a stand as I am not sure looking at the pricing range that anything knitted would sell at a price that would even cover the materials cost, but I will go to the next one to see if the standard improves and I will ask a couple of the stall  holders how they went.

Finally we ended up in Funky Monkey who have a special summer deal on, £20 pass means unlimited entry over the summer holidays, its not as good as kidspace and their air conditioning is non existent which explains the price, but the added positive is that its not so crowded, so he got to run off a lot of energy, apparently tomorrow we are making a TV and puppets, wish me luck.



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3 responses to “No School

  1. Good luck with the summer holidays!

  2. Hilary

    My DD (age 16 ) got a bag charm for her new bag this spring. My 8 yr old boy has a phone charm on his DS so he knows its his and not his friends.

    Know what you mean about not seeling things for their value, I’m crocheting a few 2’wide granny squares for my mum to sell on their local hospice stall, they were selling them for £2, I’ve told her that you would struggle to get the yarn for that price.

  3. Hi I didn’t know there was a craft market in Romford, must check it out when is it on.

    Bag charms more like mobile phone charms, the youngsters love them but look at the price in Clairs! How can you compete. There is a great bead shop in Brentwood.

    Susan AKA Susanba on Rav

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