I just wanted to say

I was going to put this as a status somewhere but I don’t think that would really match how strongly I feel about this.
I have had a rough few weeks for varying reasons, far too boring to go into here, but today I remembered why I love being part of the knitting and crochet community, I had a trip to Knit Nation today, my body wasn’t feeling great but got up and out and it was so wonderful, I was in a place that accepts everyone, every shape, colour, background and taste and didn’t have to worry about being me, and I know it may sound a little over the top but I felt really loved and cared about and was just what I needed. Thank you to everyone I saw, far to many to mention and there are a few extra special generous people, who know who they are, who really spoilt me, I really miss this world but I am grateful for the times I do get to go back and visit it.
I also need to thank Andy, who also hasn’t been having the best of times, for letting me go while he wrangled our very lively almost four year old on a rainy day, and Knittingmummy for keeping me company and her lovely family for putting up with me.



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7 responses to “I just wanted to say

  1. So glad you had a great time, yarny friends and wool fumes should be available on NHS – but then we’d have to share out secret.
    Take Care

  2. Lovely post, Nic, and I hope you can keep some of the good feelings with you to cheer you up on bad days. Knitters are the best :o) J x

  3. m

    I’m so glad you got to go to Knit Nation.
    I was there on Friday afternoon, and for the Marketplace.
    It wasn’t long enough, but we had other things on for the weekend.

  4. So glad you got to go. I wish I could have too. I hope you are feeling much better now. You are one of those special knitterly people and I do hope we can get together to knit again some time.

  5. Dianne

    It was lovely to see you on Saturday, I am glad you enjoyed your escape for the day. xx

  6. Glad to know that Andy and your knitting community look after you so well. You deserve the best!

  7. LISA

    Dear Nic,
    You a re so much loved and accepted I can’t tell you. You are the most wonderful person!!!
    You are full of love and are so often happy for others good fortune. I am so blessed to know you and to have you, not as much as I would like, in my life.
    I love you completely and wish you joy everyday.

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