Crochet square madness

I have crochet squares everywhere at the moment, I’ve just joined to swaps on ravelry, well in fact I’ve joined one and started another, I think they are small enough projects that I can fit in the time to do them.
We’re still not a 100% but I’ve been trying to carry on as normal so I went to crochet on Monday night which was all floral, then Mary came to visit on Tuesday and we had a quick look at Ravelry, then Wednesday my brother and Dad popped over for the day, they brought over my birthday present which included a signed copy of Meatloafs latest album. So yesterday we all took it easy and tried to recoperate a little, I am going to try and take pete to the Doc today as his tonsils are still swollen and although he’s fine in himself it’s been five days now and just want to get it checked out, especially as I’m not sure about taking him to mother and toddlers group whilst he’s like that.
Oh well I’ll leave you with one of my squares this is 12 inches worked in Dk on a 5mm hook.



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4 responses to “Crochet square madness

  1. Sweezer

    That is awesome!!!!

  2. That’s really cool! Glad you’re on the mend now.

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