Granny double filet square 4

So turning the corner, like your normal granny square you have to work twice into the same space, well we’ve already worked onevtreble into the corner now after working three chain with have to work a treble into the same place, the difficult bit that only occurs on this first corner is the four chain loop of your background net (red in my case) we have to make sure that this is held in the back behind the three chain before we work the second treble into the corner.
After we have successfully manouvered our way round the corner we now work our way down the next side, now although we no longer have tops if trebles to work into you can clearly see where to work the next treble to continue the net of course not forgetting to keep up the one chain space between each treble.
After working two trebles you’ll find your at the next corner, you work that in exactly the same way as the previous one but with out there being a loop in the way.
You carry on in this way until you have done all four sides. This is where a few people get caught out as you have already worked one stitch into the corner, well it was a fake stitch, it was that first four chain that you did, so we only need to work one treble into the base of the four chain and then three chain and slip stitch into the third chain of the original four chain. I know that’s very confusing. I hope the pics help.


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