Granny double filet square 3

So for the first few stitches, place your hook back into the contrast yarn (yellow in my case) and tighten up the yarn. We are going to work a treble so wrap the yarn around the hook and then bringing the hook through the back net (red in my case) picking up the top of the next treble and pulling it to the back of the red net and then work the treble. This is quite difficult to explain in words but this is one of the main stitches that you need to master (basically the knit of the double filet world) and it may take a little practice, one of the good things to keep in mind is that we are extending a net so we keep all the stitches in line.
Once complete chain one and work the next treble through the next space in the red net.
Hopefully the pics might make it a little clearer, sorry for the background of toys, I’m doing this all on my phone so aren’t the best images, when I’m feeling better I’ll use my proper camera and take nice clear shots but for those who can’t wait here they are.
The last pic is what the first side should look like including the first part of the corner, after working the two trebled above chain one and work a treble in the top of the last treble pulled through to the back. Chain three.

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