Granny double filet square 1

This is going to be a series of posts on how to do a double filet granny square, eventually when I feel a bit better I will paste them altogther into one post but for now I will number the posts so you can follow them in order. This is especially for those on in the double filet ravelry group. The pattern assumes a certain knowledge of crochet and is written using English crochet terms. PLEASE read the pattern through before you start.

Firstly we need to create two single filet nets, this is where we find the first difference between the two techniques, we use a standard treble stitch rather than an extended treble to create our net.
For the contrast net (yellow in the picture) we chain 10 and then work a treble into the sixth chain back from the hook, *then we chain one, we skip a chain on the base chain and work a treble into the next chain stitch, then repeat from the star.
Then chain four and turn the work for the second row, work a treble into the top of the next treble on the row below, chain one and repeat until the end of the row, chain four turn the work and repeat the row ending with a four chain pull you stitch on your hook so it’s extended and remove your hook to work your second net. You should have a nine hole net.
The second background net(red in the picture) starts with a 12 chain and us worked in the same way but ending up with a 16 hole net.
There a couple of things that will make your square easier to work and give a more even appearence, on the first row only work under one loop in the base chain, all the rest of the rows work as normal under two loops. For your first couple of squares work the two nets in contrasting colours to make your life easy and preferrably not in too darker a colour.
I’m sure this could be written more eloquently so any suggestions are welcome.


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