Finished sample

So back to the double filet, I actually managed to finish my sample based on canvas work stitches for Saturdays workshop on time and even managed to sew in the ends. I made a really good start on it when I joined the Uppity Knitters at the RFH last week, it’s a lovely group and a beautiful location and hope to go back soon. I also finally managed to get to a I Knit knitting evening, it was such a great day meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in a long time and making brand new ones, I’m starting to feel like I might be getting a little bit of my life back:)
Here’s front and back of the sample all worked in scraps of DK except for the grey which was almost a complete 100g ball on a 5mm hook.



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2 responses to “Finished sample

  1. m

    Very impressive!
    Both sides look so good, and I love your choice of colours.
    The “back” side is reminiscent of Korean wrapping cloths. (Check out Pojagi or Bojagi for images and information.)

  2. Jodi Pilatowski

    It’s lovely and looks very complex. Is there a pattern available?

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