As I previously said, I gad a wonderful time last Friday the patchwork exhibit at the V+A is well worth a visit and may even revisit it when it’s a little less crowded as I feel quite a few people had the same idea as me and Jac about combining visiting the show and staying on for the late night event. Unfortunately the day didn’t go quite to plan as I had meant to be there a lot earlier to do some research for my designs for my double filet work but sometimes life conspires against us so I arrived with about five minutes to spare. The shows quilts are beautiful but I felt some of the ways they had been displayed should have been looked at a little closer as with at least four you could see no details. I understand the limitations of displaying vintage textiles but maybe the clever use of mirrors could have revealed the full beauty of the work. I do recommend anyone with an I phone or touch to download the app that goes with the show as the bonus material on it is wonderful and something I have revisited on more than one occasion since seeing the show.
The late evening event wasn’t as exciting as I thought it might be, there were a couple of reasons for this, firstly I probably hadn’t given my back enough time to recover so was in quite a bit of pain by the evening but also a lot of the event had been planned for the garden and the rain cancelled most of this. We did get a wonderful sewing kit when we arrived, although I know they ran out fairly quickly, which contained a small patch work project, Lixie and Jac being seasoned crafters they thought outside the bag and created some wonderul things, check out Lixies blog for pics, I although didn’t do the project as stated I did do a little patchwork.
Here’s a pic of the kit, which had all been donated by Coates.


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