Book talk

Any one who has been following me on twitter or facebook will know I have had that urge again to write a book, but to be honest with this last week of early wake up calls from Pete, including one at 3am and other things that have just got in the way of me doing anything I think that this idea may not neccesarily acheivable.

Now I don’t want to be nagative so have formed a new plan, I am thinking a series of small booklets one following on from another based on Filet crochet. I am hoping that this may be and easier schedule. I have managed to download a desktop publishing programme which I seem to be able to use which also transfers things into PDF format so I can also have the booklets downloadable. Now all I have to do is the actual content 🙂


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4 responses to “Book talk

  1. Have you tried “speech into text” software, that usually comes ready installed on PCs? Speak into a mic and the PC will write the text, and it would save a lot of time. Just a thought 🙂

  2. break an elephant down into burgers…was that 90’s management training? I can’t remember! anyway- don’t think book, think article- and each article is one topic- eg filet crochet, and the next is Tunisian, the next is finishing… and in time there will be a book!

  3. Sounds like an excellent plan!

  4. Lixie

    I use this one: You don;t need to download anything.

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