Photo heavy presents

So much to share, over the last week I have gained some wonderful knitterly things. Firstly on Sunday I got a chance to meet up with Lucy and got my Japanese Stitchionary 🙂

pickle 048

As you can see I couldn’t help myself and cast on a sample for a sock pattern there and then. Lucy also gave Pip and Nor a welcome gift including a toy mouse which dispenses treats, it took Nor about an hour to work it out 🙂

Then there was my swap parcel from the UK swap from the wonderful Mazzam.

pickle 085

All beautifully wrapped and with lots of handmade tags which you can’t see clearly in the pics.

pickle 088There is a keyring sock bocker kit which I have always wanted and both socks have now been knitted 🙂 Some wonderful Thorntons chocolate roses which as you might have guessed have already been devoured. A fantastic turqouise Denby rabbit which doesn’t really show up in the pic so will try and take a better picture when its not so stormy, a woolly wisdom book and great coaster.

pickle 092

And with the help of Nor, some beautiful sock yarn from Black cat fibres in the most radient turqouise with matching beads with Polly'[s wonderful pattern for Andromeda Socks. She also hand made the matching project bag from Liberty fabric, how lucky am I.

There was another part of the parcel a wonderful book for Pete about a bear and a woolly jumper which when Pete lets me I will share but he is definitely into his books at the moment and this has turned into one of his favourites .

And for the cat lovers amongst you just to keepi t fair here is a pic of Pip making himself comfortable.

pickle 034

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One response to “Photo heavy presents

  1. Brooke

    Hi Nic!

    It’s Brooke, formerly of yarnsmith. How are you doing? I found you because I was trying to search for one of your old scarf kit patterns. Specifically I’m looking for the lengthways kit that used lots of different types of yarn tied end to end. I could probably work it out for myself, but do you remember how much yarn you need and how many stitches you need to cast on? Are you still selling your kits anywhere?

    Anyway, I see that you have a little boy these days. Congratulations! I hope you’re enjoying it and still managing to find some time for your knitting.

    Take care!

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