Passing by

Just a quick note to say how this heat has made this week awful as nobody is sleeping well so everybody’s temper is short and Pete is, how shall I put it, is being a bit strong willed and he has heat rash. My energy bill is going to be huge as we have had to have an electric fan running almost constantly to make it even bearable.
Though saying all of that I am absolutely elated as have just won the first prize in the UK Swap treasure hunt 🙂



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4 responses to “Passing by

  1. When we lived in Putney in a top floor flat with sun streaming through the window all day it was like a furnace,, and I used to wear tea towels soaked in cold water (icy cold) around my neck until they needed re-wetting! Even though it’s so hot now, this flat is so much better!

    • I have to say that this house isn’t usually to bad as we don’t usually have direct sunlight in the front of the house but this weather has just been so bad its not funny

      Nic x

  2. Have you tried one of those portable fans with a water spray built in? You can pop ice-cubes inside. Also cooling one’s extremities (i.e. feet and hands) in cold water, gives some relief. I worked up a heat this week repairing our central heating… which then had to be tested!

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