Knitting and cats

Back again, its been a busy couple of weeks, abit of knitting and even a small amount of spinning.

The wedding shawl has over run a bit but on the last side after a bit of frogging and rereading of pattern, I have managed to sort it but got a bit frustrated with it.

I have also managed to make a start on my p/hop square on my journey home from Stash last week which was greatly improved by running into Knitter natter , we managed to have great catch up as I have been a bit out of the loop recently.P6220113

One of the things I am looking forward to this autumn is the workshop some great friends have brought me with Debbie New at I knit weekend, she is one of my heros, hopefully I will get to meet up with a few other fellow knitters that I haven’t seen for a while.

And finally let me introduce Pip nad Nor two new residents


Sorry a bit out of focus but they move fast



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3 responses to “Knitting and cats

  1. Cute kitties!

    I’m doing a workshop – went for the one which has you knit strips that transform into garments. Are you doing the swirl knitting one? That’s the one I envisage you doing!

  2. The new residents must be a great new experience for Pete 🙂 I hope they all settle in well.


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