70’s Wallpaper anyone

Ok maybe not quite but this sample I am crocheting for the double filet group has a definite hint of it 🙂 babette 057

The design are all based on Japanese quilting patterns. This source of design could last for months it is so rich and ideal for double filet.

It has been a very family orientated week here, my sister drove down from Ipswich to spend the afternoon with us on Monday and yesterday me and Pete took a trip over to Brentford to the tropical zoo to meet up with my dad and brother. The zoo is not a standard zoo as most of their animals seem to be abandoned tropical pets like snakes and terrapins, there are also dwarf crocodiles and pirhanas plus more domestic things like rabbits and ferrets. Of course I forgot to take a single photo, I was a little busy trying to stop Pete either going for a swim or pulling too tight on a snake he was being shown 🙂



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4 responses to “70’s Wallpaper anyone

  1. It sounds like young Pete is as full of energy as ever! As always, I admire your creative work. It doesn’t remind me of wall-paper though 🙂


  2. That’s nicer than any 70s wallpaper I’ve come across. How are you?!

  3. Was the snake significantly taller after its encounter with Pete?

    Great crochet.

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