Thank heaven for Facebook

I promise we are all still alive here in the Walker household but we seem to have been ill for ever, it started with me have a dose of that noro virus thingy at the beginning of the month which then Pete got and finally Andy throw in regular flu and a bad cold I am afraid blogging came bottom of the list.

Considering all the sickness we had a really good holiday if a little quieter than normal and the little boy was spoiled rotten, more of presents, especially one beautiful sticking and a unique crochet hook, in a later posts when I can get my act together to photograph them in daylight, there will also be some knitting and crochet to show but in the meantime let me explain the title.

About a year ago an old friend of mine from school got in contact via face and this year a second member of the crowd was found and last night, after what we worked out was at least 16 years, we met up for a quick reunion.


Me, Alex and Simon all went to the same secondary school and Emma on the right is Alex’s lovely wife who we got to meet for the first time last night.

Unfortunately I could only stay a couple of hours but it was such a great chance to reminisce.



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2 responses to “Thank heaven for Facebook

  1. ‘noro virus’, haha! what’s the cure for that, anyway? 😉

    glad to hear you’re all on the mend.

    happy new year!


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