OK so my blog has been a little quiet of late, too be honest I have been a little tired and maybe a little grouchy in the evening which is the only time I get to log on as a certain little boy just loves to come and help mummy when she is on the computer. I think the main reason for the tiredness is all of a sudden Pete has become very much more demanding, he is lovely and happy but seems to need a lot more attention, he is a bundle of energy and is on the go almost all the time, if we are lucky we get an hour in the morning when he has a nap.  I love the fact that he is into exploring the world and how it works from the washing machine to the fridge and he is so able, we now walk on reins fairly well and understands a lot of sentences and his favourite game at the moment is unpacking the weekly shop which involves me sitting in our living room surrounded by the bags and giving him one item at a time and him then taking them to his dad who is behind the safety gate in the kitchen, he has worked out how to lift awkward shapes and heavy things, he is very strong. This does all mean that my travelling with him to places is limited where as before he was quite happy to stay in his buggy and see the world pass by he now wants to interact with it so I now have to make sure that where ever we go it is Pete safe 🙂

Back to more fibre things firstly here is the one picture I managed to take at Ally Pally, don’t ask I went with good intenetions of fully documenting all the people I met up with but only ended up woth this nice pic of Lucy and Kerry who we met up with for lunch.


And next just to prove I ma managing some more crochet this is the Bruges lace scarf from the latest Interweave crochet


It took two skeins of Malibrigo worsted and was a really easy and satisfying pattern and took me less than a week of evenings to finish.

And finally my favourite news of the week besides the great choice US residents made is that Pete wants to draw, he has obviously watched me drawing, I always have a sketch book not far away and got his hands on one of my pencils last week and I thought he just wanted to chew on it but instead he started to draw on my pad of squared paper so here you are may I present a new piece of work by Pete Walker.




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  1. That is a glorious picture of Lucy and Kerri: please promise me you’ll put prints in their Christmas cards!
    Love Pete’s art. ~x~

  2. I’m another fan of Pete the artist. I’ve got periodic examples of my children’s artwork stuck into scrapbooks – it’s fascinating to see how their mark-making and conceptions of their worlds developed. And Pete has certainly made some wonderful marks…. We’ve still got permanent marker marks on our hall walls from when my son decided to add his touch to the decor!

  3. Pete is doing very well, love his expressive art!

    I can remember that stage with my kids, the inquisitive toddler stage which is fun but demanding, it has different challenges to the first few months when you worry about everything (is he too hot? too cold? eating enough? sleeping enough?) now you have to worry when he goes quiet, it means he’s up to mischief! Enjoy!

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