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Ok so I have got the kettle thing off my chest and feel a little better, we are obviously have to go back to a hob kettle which I had as a kid and never had any trouble with.

I forgot to post about this last week, when I met up with Lixie she had brought me a present, I have a set of four, aren’t they cute, I have some great grey yarn to use them with 🙂

I have also been doing yet more home work for my crochet course

 The colours aren’t quite as bright in real life but the light around here has been atrocious the last couple of days, very over cast.

The other problem I have at the moment is that the baby that the  wrap plan cardigan was knit for has arrived and now I can’t find it!!!! I am off to search.


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  1. Nic

    I found you on Folksy and faved your shop 😉
    As a matter of interest; if your hob is gas then it is a lot cheaper to use a kettle on the hob than an electric kettle too so you win twice and so does the enviroment 😉
    Those buttons are ace.

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