Ok I seem to be having a problem with kettles, last month I finally had enough of a kettle we have had for a couple of years, a very cheap one, that continually leaked when you poured water out. I had been very patient with it as I kept telling myself that it was only a little bit of water but by the time I had made my toast wet when making my morning cup of tea we finally succumbed to buying a new kettle. We decided that maybe we had paid for buying a cheap kettle so this time we splurged out a whole ten pounds and brought a kettle from the next price range and guess what a month later its happening again, maybe its just me, maybe I am pouring out the water wrong. I know that there are more important problems in the world, even in our own world but this is one I can talk about with out getting too irate.

Some good news is that I have found a UK version of Etsy called Folksy which I am trying out and am slowly listing more items.


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  1. Nic

    Urgh, where is the kettle leaking from? I have that problem with tea pots…my mum claims that the reason is that I tip it up too much so it pours out of the lid…i’m not convinced. I’d take the new one back if I were you.
    I have a whistling one and love it.
    I’ll have to have a look and find you on Folksy. I joined a few weeks ago and have been adding things. I just want it to get busier….well or people just buy my stuff 😉 It seems good though. So far.

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