Skip North Update

Ok so we have had a couple of crazy weeks here but things are starting to settle down again.

Something else that is crazy is the Skip North Bookings, we filled the first coach in 48 hrs and the second and final coach is now full and we are only adding people to the waiting list, so that is us fully booked in less than a week, it means I better get a move on with the plans for our other Skip weekends.

We decided we better have a planning meeting to round things up and we decided to use this as an excuse to visit I Knit finally. I was very restrained as there was lots there that I could have come home with but just came home with a couple of sets of needles that I needed, we took full advantage of tehir sofas and Gerad was wonderful as we had got the times mixed up as they were supposed to close at 7pm but he stayed open for us.

Lucy also joined us for an evening of knitting and showed off her wonderful Fairisle project., It was lovely and fluffy.

Here is Lixie making plans  and here is a general shot of the store Of course I now have a list of things I wish I had brought but I guess that is another excuse to meet up there again. 

We ended the night wandering around Canary Wharf looking for somewhere to eat, it was a great night out and looking forward to knitting on Sunday.


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  1. Looks like fun! I was thinking about Skip North but will have to wait til the next one though!

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