Another Gap

Sorry about that, things have been a little busy around here, Pete has decided to sometimes only have one nap a day so I have a little less time to get on here plus a few other things that I can’t explain going on at the moment that seems to fill the hours.

The good news though is Skip North is booking with its brand new website here and places are filling fast with both friends from previous trips and new friends, I can’t wait.

The east London Crochet Group has started back up again after the Summer break and straight into planning for the last day workshop of the year.

Also Stash classes are back in full swing and also filling fast.

Hopefully pics tomorrow given a little more time



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2 responses to “Another Gap

  1. I’m so happy and grateful that you still have time to organise Skip North, thank you!

  2. That’s the thing with kids , you get used to the routine, then they have a developmental spurt and the routine is all over the place again. You’ll settle down into a new pattern again soon (but remember it will change again!)

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