Highs and Lows

Its been a few days of highs and lows, we have had Andy’s grandaughter staying with us for a couple of nights, a lovely girl but a bundle of energy so by the time it was bedtime I wanted to crawl into bed too. We did introduce Pete to the swings, he sort of enjoyed them but is struggling to walk in shoes, he looks like a diver walking in their flippers but he is a determined little boy as although he kept falling over on the tarmac he didn’t cry he just got up again as he was so determined to get to the other side of the playground.

I went back to Stash on Saturday and saw a few familiar faces and got to drawl over the Misti Alpaca sock yarn, I did resist, only just though.

Unfortunately on the way home I ran into someone I knew and got hear of the sad news that a friend of mine had died some time back, we weren’t close friends, this being why the news hadn’t filtered through to me, but someone I admired, she did a lot of practical voluntary work but didn’t shout and scream about it ever and never got the acclaim she deserved, I am upset that I didn’t get a chance to pay my respects but hear that the service did her the justice she was due.

Things cheered up on the Sunday as we had knitting group and I finally got to meet Ruth (hello!!!) who lives local whi has very good taste as she was starting a project in the Malibrigo lace weight which I am trying to resist in the shop or at least wait for the new shipment. Lucy was also there and we both commiserated with each othe as we are both missing the I knit day next Saturday, her for a wedding me because I will be holding the fort at Stash so anyone who fancies making a day of it on Saturday if you come down to London we will be open till five , come and visit.



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3 responses to “Highs and Lows

  1. Hope you have a fun Saturday anyway

  2. Oh poo, I could have come back via Stash yesterday and popped in!

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