Odds and Sods

I am having one of those weird days, I am feeling the need to dye my hair either flamingo pink or ultramarine, I haven’t done eother yet although I have been green in my teenage years. Maybe I am feeling a bit creativley stifled, I don’t know I am sure it will pass, either that or next time you see me I will have a new haircut.

Its been an interesting week with Pete, he has suddenly started to understand sentences a bit more rather than just no or mummy and daddy, if asked he will take something to daddy or bring something to mummy, its amazing the sudden difference.

I tried to do some gardening this afternoon as the front garden was getting me down, our neighbour is wonderful and will usually tackle the front hedge for me before it gets to out of hand but he is a busy fireman working long shifts so he has limited time, I couldn’t do a lot as I couldn’t bend to far down but I guess slowly but surely I’ll manage to do something.


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  1. its fascinating watching a baby develop, seeing how language and understanding come into the young brain, watching how the motor skills become more precise. Enjoy this magical time, and go for blue in your hair!

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