Ok so this didn’t go quite to plan the first week, I started my intended project, a pair of socks for Andy, well between the medication and my lack of attention and after a good few hours work I admitted to myself that they were even going to be to large for Andy

Now normally I would work out how to decrease it but my brain was too fuzzy so I gave in and decided that I would have to give up any chance of doing the challenge and then I got a refund from Amazon after a gift I ordered for Andy turned out to be faulty twice (thats a whole other story) so I decided to treat me an Andy to a couple of books from the book depositry, he got a Robert Rankin and I got Amazing Crochet Lace by Doris Chan, it was cheaper when I ordered it than it is advertised now so I guess its best to keep and eye on the books as the prices go up and down. Well I got inspired to do a last minute entry and started work on Blue Curacao in some Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora which I had on a cone from Cold Spring Mill from a few years ago and today Middai I finished, well I have to sew in the ends and block it but all the crochet is done.

Ok I should have hoovered before I took the photo, I only had a breif moment whilst Andy went out to take the photo with out the help of the small person.

The crocheterers amongst you may spot a small mistake but I only noticed after about six rows so I decided to leave its as it was.

I am not sure about the book yet, the sizes foor the garements don’t go up very high and although some of them will be easy to alter others won’t be, but I enjoyed this project and if I did it again I would try and add an extra tier of Pineaples just to make it that bit bigger, or should I say longer on the back.



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3 responses to “Ravelympics

  1. That shawl is my favourite pattern from that book. Her other book is a good one for us sizewise!

  2. That looks lovely! A gold for you!

  3. Well done for perserverence! Getting up from a fall and completing the race anyway.
    I unfortunately am a miserable failure and am still only half way through ‘Rogue’.

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