My little boy is growing

My little boy is growing up, we went for our first hair cut today, there were a few tears shed, by me not Pete, he now looks so grown up, he looks more like two now than one with his height.

I can now show you further progress on the mittens

This is the palm side and if you look closely you can see the three different tensions, I cast on and used the drop thread method on dpn’s for a while and then got convinced to use the holding the two different threads in different hands which made things a lot faster but then I was finding I was pulling at the point where the dpns met so I swapped to magic loop which tightened my tension even further, and to top it all with all this tension tightening they are now at least half an inch too small, oh well I am using this as learning experience.

Skip North planning is going a pace, can’t wait till March



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2 responses to “My little boy is growing

  1. I hope you kept a lock of his hair! I’ve got the first locks from both of my kids in a silver locket, those early years pass so quickly you have to take millions of photos and keep lots of mementoes too.

    Nice mitten!!

  2. Lix

    Can’t wait to see his little hairdo!

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