Slowly slowly

Ok slowly but surely the back is healing and I even managed to stand for long enough to bake a cake for Pete’s birthday last week, sorry no pic, forgot all about it until it was half eaten. I can’t believe the time has flown so fast, he is such a little biy now, no longer a baby before I know it he’ll be in school.

He had lots of lovely visitors and pressies and is obssessed with the drum that Lixie got him, I think we have another musician in the family.

I have slowly started to knit again as now only taking the pain kileers before I go to sleep so the concentration levels have improved. Here is the long promised photo of one finished sock 🙂

More tomorrow


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One response to “Slowly slowly

  1. Deb

    Hi Nic
    Glad to hear you are healing, if slowly, and that knitting is now possible. That sock looks fantastic, I must get a wriggle on with mine. You are right about Pete, blink and they are 22!

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