Quick Note from me

Just a short post to say thank you for all your kind words, back slowly getting better, can now stand for longer than 5mins :), thanks to some muscle relaxents and strong pain killers unfortunately my mood seems to be dragged down by the whole thing, I was never a great patient. It has also  meant all the plans we had for Pete’s birthday have one out the window, and I know he won’t remember it doesn’t stop me suffering from mothers guilt, also a couple of other things caiusing me a little stress at the moment but I am sure it will pass.

On the happy side Lixie came to visit and gave Andy a couple of hours break from looking after us both and we got to start the Plans fro Skip North, a date soon I promise.

On the knitting side I have finished the body of the fairisle Mitten but it has three tensions in it and is now at least half an inch too short and we won’t even talk about the ravely Olympic knitting.

More soon 🙂

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  1. Sending positive cyber thoughts to you. The colours you have chosen for the fair-isle are beautiful.

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