Note from Andy

Hi, this is Andy.


Just to let everyone know, especially anyone who may be expecting an e-mail or some contact from Nic, she hasn’t been able to get to the computer this week because she has done her back in. She bent to pick something up on Monday and it just went, she is on plenty of strong pain-killers and, hopefully, everything should be well with her soon.



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6 responses to “Note from Andy

  1. poor Nic, you must be in so much pain, I hope you feel much better soon

  2. Oh no, that must be so frustrating and debilitating. Get well soon!

  3. Ouch! I hope the back gets better soon… J x

  4. Sorry to hear about Nic’s back. Please give her a massive hug from me.

  5. Oh no! And I *do* know how bad that feels. It happens to us skinny chaps too! I hope it clears up. My type of lower back pains were eased by lying on the floor on my back for a few minutes each day (with head propped on a cushion). Hurts like hell getting down and up, but in my case it helped a lot. Of course, Niki’s may be a different back trouble? Wishing her well.

  6. Oh no, hope you feel better soon!

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