And yet More

Its no good, all these new sources of patterns all at once, thi sone cam via Lucy, she came knitting with her friend Abigail (sorry if the spelling is wrong) to Romford to knit this afternoon and she had managed to pick up a copy of Verena from WH Smiths and it is fantastic with over 50 patterns in it and it includes a plus size section. Unfortunately I left knitting group to late to pick up a copy so first thing tomorrow I am going in a hunt. There is one of the patterns that go up to a 62″ bust which I think I am going to knit just because it goes up to that size. It is in the preview section on theor website it is the log orange jumper with a really long v neck amd crochet trim.

I have managed to finish one of my show off stranded socks, pictures tomorrow and am still fighting with the mitten but I am now off to read, as Lucy has lent me, Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich and hope I can put it down so I can get to bed at a reasonble hour.

One last thing I forgot to say that I found the link to knotions via Suse the slow knitta thank you can’t wait till tomorrow.



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2 responses to “And yet More

  1. Fearless Fourteen is out? Yay, I have catching up to do (happy chrotle!)

  2. Oooh I’ve never heard of Verena!

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